Like Music to the Ears

As promised, I am going to post the tracks that I played for my show Go With The Fro. Today’s playlist was a mix of alt/indie and hip hop. You might recognize some tracks and you might not. Regardless, these are some cool songs to vibe to. Give these artists a listen if you feel so inclined.

1. Afrodance by Les Nubians
Coming from their album Nü Revolution, this funky track is very danceable. It’s a song about afros, obviously, and how fun it is to have and/or dance with one. You’ll find yourself dancing even if you don’t have one.

2. Brown Sugar by D’Angelo
The song title is enticing enough without dishing any details about the song. It is a sultry song featuring some smooth lyricism about a love interest. I’d definitely play this on a date.

3. For Lovers Only – Uncut by Maxwell
Now Maxwell has a reputation of writing lovely music directed towards the ladies. This song is no exception. As hinted by the title, this song is for

the lovers only.

4. Call Me by Tweet
Lovely song by Tweet featuring a nice beat and great vocals. This is the type of song that’ll have you singing along in no time. She wants to let you know that it is okay to call her. If I were a guy I’d definitely call her after hearing this.

5. Lamborghini Angels by Lupe Fiasco
This song was actually picked by a new DJ at the station. He was shadowing me in order to complete his training. This is an upbeat track by Lupe that instantly makes you nod your head. Expect greatness.

6. Innerlight – Icy Remix by Zion I
This acclaimed duo hails from Oakland, California and releases beautiful and conscious hip hop. They were actually in Sacramento Thursday night but unfortunately I did not attend. Cue sad music.

7. She Hates The Bass by Stalley
I thought this was an interesting song about a guy that is with a woman that hates the bass in her man’s car. It’s definitely worth a listen. Expect the bass to be bumping.

8. Wasted Love by JMSN
JMSN is one of my new favorite artists. I’ve been listening for about a year now and he never ceases to amaze me. He takes R&B into an exciting direction and I love his lyrics. He often speaks of love and failed relationships.

9. Satelllliiiiiiiteee by Flying Lotus
Flying Lotus comes from Los Angeles, California and makes groovy instrumentals to vibe to. Lots of bass and interesting melodies. You never know what to expect.

10. Pantyhose by Jesse Boykins III
This sultry track features Boykins professing his love of pantyhose on women. It is a slow and sexy track that leaves a lot to the imagination but provides enough information to paint a pretty picture.

11. Speaking So Freely by Mobb Deep
I closed the show with this head banging track by east coast rappers Mobb Deep. Havoc and Prodigy bring lots of power and energy to this track. I often find myself listening to it on repeat because it just has that kind of charisma.

Catch me next Froday on or by searching KSSUDOT COM on the TuneIn radio app. My show comes on at 11 a.m. PST broadcasting from Sacramento, California. Support college radio and CSU Sacramento. Goooooo Hornets!



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