Crossing the Comfort Zone

We all have an idea of what our perfect mate would look like, but if that person walked into your life would you be the perfect person for him/her? For the past six months, the universe has been slowly asking me this question.

Exactly one week ago, I decided on dedicating one year to myself. One year to explore a deep and intimate relationship in order to become a better person for my future significant other.

You might be wondering what prompted this decision. Maybe I’m hurt or angered by my recent breakup and am closing myself off to potential suitors? This assumption and any other is far removed from the truth. Very often, we are quick to dedicated ourselves to others, but not ourselves. I found out I was guilty of this. It’s easy to make this mistake, especially in your first relationship. There were other factors adding to this like the fact we were long distance, met online and had no idea of what the other person was like outside of our virtual communication. Our relationship wasn’t exactly traditional, but it was still a relationship. I found parts of myself that I never knew existed, good and bad.

We aren’t together anymore, obviously, but I feel now is the chance to work on the parts of myself that I don’t like. Now I’ve been single for long periods of time before, but not like this. I’m setting clear boundaries for myself as to what this year will entail. I want to tighten up the loose ends of my soul to make sure they match the shinier parts of me. I’m venturing into territory I’ve never explored before. An activity I believe is necessary to reach a higher understanding of myself. This life changing experience requires immense commitment and dedication. So, I’m going to be in a relationship with myself for one year. No dating, no relationships. I know I can handle this.

This exploration will not only be mental, but physical, emotional and spiritual. I’m engaging my spirit in meditation and prayer. My body is being exercised rigorously and my mind will be engaged in arts and school. I will be writing in order to cleanse my emotions along the way. This is a total purge on my body as I dedicate myself to myself in order to be better for someone else. What have you done for yourself lately?


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